Be your best self

WellBeing and self-discovery
using creative arts for adults.

Poipoia te kākano kia puāwai

Nurture the seed and it will bloom

Hello, Kia Ora, and Zdravo.

I’m Marica and I’m so glad you’ve arrived here.

I’m an experienced registered creative arts therapist, facilitator, and educator who has worked in diverse organisations. I now work in private practice.

Through online sessions, in the comfort of your own space, I’ll guide you on a creative self-discovery journey enabling you to become your best self so you can thrive in both your personal and professional life.

I work holistically, integrating your psychological, emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual wellBeing.

I offer individual, group, and workplace wellBeing sessions.

Are you ready to bloom?

How creative arts therapy can help you

Actively exploring your inner world by accessing your imagination and innate creativity will help you gain a better understanding of who you are, the way you function, what matters to you, and what you want for yourself. Self-understanding is essential for generating change and becoming the best version of you.

Everyday life challenges arise that impact on your whole being by creating an unbalanced and confused feeling inside you. This can lead to a sense of feeling disconnected from yourself, your work, and your world. This all has an impact on your wellBeing.

Engaging in the creative arts, in the presence of a trained professional, enables you to tap into your inner knowing and resources to explore what is happening and what this may mean for you.

How we will work together

We’ll meet online through the secure video chat platform Zoom. You will need a digital device, access to the internet, and some materials to create with. I will provide you with a suggested list of materials. As long as you have some paper and something to make marks with we can get started. I always suggest you look around your home for materials before going out and buying anything.

What can you expect from me? I will treat you with respect and value who you are. My focus is you and your needs. I honour that you are the expert in your life. My role is to walk alongside you, witnessing your process and what you create, assisting you as you make meaning from what emerges, and supporting you as you respond to what your unconscious self has revealed.

I draw on a variety of creative modalities and media in my practice such as mindfulness, visual arts, photography, music, movement, writing, and book making. Working together we identify the combination of practices and interventions that work best for you to achieve the goals you have identified.

Your role in this process is important too. You need to be open and willing to give things a go even when they may be unfamiliar. More importantly, you must be committed to doing the work necessary to achieve your goals. This is about your life.

While I work predominantly online, in certain circumstances I deliver group sessions in the community and contracted workshops in-person.

What others have said

As I adjusted to a different way of working, living, thinking, being, you offered me a supporting hand. This was a pivotal moment for me. I wasn’t sure about how the distance thing would work, but I loved it. It gave me a sense of privacy that was good for me.

— Individual Session

Marica was fantastic. We laughed and shared and cried as we worked through making art that mattered perhaps for the first time. I’m no artist, but I was so moved by what I learned from some of my work – it’s become very precious to me.

— Group Session

Thank you so much for the session this morning. It was powerful and soothing. I experienced a complete shift in energy and groundedness which was so helpful.

— Individual Session

Individual Sessions

Seeking 1-1 support to express, make sense of, and transition through life experiences using the creative process.

Group Sessions

Seeking connection with others while expressing and processing in a collaborative and safe environment.

Workplace WellBeing

Team and individual opportunities to help build the wellBeing, resilience, and performance of your people so they feel supported, engaged, and proactive.